Celexa (Citalopram, Cipramil) is a medication used in the symptoms of Depressive illness and Panic Disorder with or without agoraphobia. The generic name of the drug is Citalopram and it is sold with band names such as Celexa, Cipramil or Seropram.

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Frequently asked questions about Citalopram?

How does Citalopram work?

Cipramil tablets contain Citalopram hydrochloride, which is a type of antidepressant medicines that act on nerve cells in the brain. Depression is mostly caused by release of serotin in the nerve cells. Citalopram prevents serotonin from being reabsorbed into the nerve cells in the brain. This helps in lightening effect of any released serotonin and helps the patient for treatment of symptoms of depression, panic and fear.

Side Effects of Citalopram

The potential side effects associated with this drugs are Sleepiness, Dry mouth, Increased sweating, Headache, Shaking, Dizziness, Feeling weak or fatigued, Difficulty sleeping (insomnia), abnormal dreams, Agitation or nervousness, Awareness of your heart beat (palpitations), Visual disturbances, Confusion, concentration or memory problems, Appetite and weight changes, Sexual problems, Rash or itching, Pins and needles sensations, Disturbances in taste and Convulsions. In case of any side effects caused due to the intake of medicine you should immediately consult your doctor for help.

The doctors must be informed about the medical history and any drugs that might be taking over-the-counter, as there is possibility of one of more ingredients reacting with the prescribed medicine. It is also advised to stay away from intake of alcohol while consuming the prescribed medication.

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While the Citalopram is prescribed to the pregnant women they should tell their doctor about pregnancy or if they are planning for pregnancy. The women nursing infants with breast milk should consult the doctor before breastfeeding the baby. Citalopram passes into breast milk, however its effects on the baby or unborn child unknown.

Guideline before taking Citalopram

It is not a regular medicine hence it should not be taken without the doctors advised the schedule decided by the doctor and dose recommended by him should be followed exactly. In case you miss any dose instead of taking overdose inform your doctor and try to take the next scheduled regular dose. In any case overdose of drug in not recommended. It can also have adverse effects if the medicine is discontinued suddenly without seeking the doctor’s advice.

What is the common dosage of Citalopram?

The doctors may prescribe the commonly available dosage of Citalopram as 0mg, 20mg and 40mg to the patients for treating the symptoms of depression.

Difference between brand Celexa, Cipramil or Seropram and Generic Citalopram

The brand drugs and the generic drug differ in name. They also differ in shape, size, color and packing. The cost of Generic Citalopram is lower as compared with its branded drugs and it is widely available.

Where are how to buy Generic Citalopram?

Most people prefer to buy Generic Citalopram online, as they are available without prescription and also at cheaper price. They can check for discount price available and place the order for cheapest price after comparing the cost from different online pharmacies. Many pharmacies ship the medication overnight. To avoid the risks of side effects the medicines it is better to consult the doctor before consuming them.

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