Ranitidine (Generic Zantac)


Ranitidine (Generic Zantac) is used in the treatment of certain ulcers of stomach and intestine. The medication is also used to treat and prevent certain stomach and throat problems that are caused due to excessive production of acid in the stomach.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ranitidine

How does Ranitidine work?

The drug is H2 histamine blocker. It works by reducing the amount of acid produced in stomach. The preparation is helpful in treating the symptoms such as stomach pain and heartburn.

Side Effects of Ranitidine

Diarrhea, constipation, headache or dizziness may occur while having the medicine. There are some serious side effects but are rarely observed that include vision disturbances, mood disorders, agitation and confusion. Some of the side effects like bleeding, bruising, enlarged breasts, fatigue, change in rate of heartbeat, dizziness or trouble in breathing can prove very dangerous and need immediate medical attention.

Allergic reactions to the drug are indicated by rash, itching, swelling or trouble in breathing. The drug is not recommended to patients having allergy or other immune system disorders. The preparation is capable of causing severe dizziness hence overdose and use of alcohol should be avoided during the treatment. The patient should avoid doing work that needs alertness.

The use of drug is clearly recommended only if needed in case of pregnancy. The medication is known to pass in breast milk. Breastfeeding should be done after consulting the doctor.

Guidelines before taking Ranitidine

The tablets are taken orally on empty stomach or after meal. The drug is taken once or twice daily. Depending on the symptoms the medication is sometimes divided into four dosages. The duration of the treatment depends on the response of patient to the treatment. The medicine is for adult use and the medication is not recommended to children below 12 years.

What are the common dosages of Ranitidine?

One tablet of Ranitidine daily with a glass of water is the common dose of the drug. However if the symptoms do not improve within 14 days it is important to consult the doctor immediately.

Difference between Brand Zantac and Generic Ranitidine

The brand Zantac and generic Ranitidine are exactly same in terms of the active ingredients and effect they have in treatment of the symptoms. However the branded drugs that are available in market are more costly than their generic versions. The FDA approval and large amount of money spent in promotion of the brand name is one of the reasons for this.

Where and How to buy Generic Ranitidine?

You can buy Generic Ranitidine online at discount price from the drug stores. The online pharmacies offer to ship the medication overnight and you can purchase the drug at cheapest price. The process for buying Generic Ranitidine online is very simple and could be completed over the counter within few minutes. The medication is also available at physical pharmacies all over the world.

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