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The antiviral drug Zovirax commonly known as Acyclovir is administered to patients who develop a herpes infection. It is used as a treatment for a number of illnesses including genital herpes, shingles, chicken pox and cold sores. There are two main branded medications that carry acyclovir as the main ingredient, which is also widely used in generic medicines that you can buy at many pharmacies and online. Zovirax is available in multiple forms including tablets and pills, capsules, as well as ointment. Depending on your condition and infection, you doctor can compare these medicines and prescribe the one that is best for you.

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Frequently asked Questions about Acyclovir (Generic Valtrex, Generic Zovirax)

How does Acyclovir work?

Generic acyclovir or the FDA approved Valtrex or Zovirax all have the same effect and work in the same manner. Soon as acyclovir comes into contact with herpes virus cells, it gets converted into an activated version that starts blocking an enzyme called DNA polymerase. When this enzyme gets blocked, the viruses are unable to reproduce and their survival becomes shaky. Once that happens, the body’s immune system is easily able to root out the virus, leading to treatment of the infection.

Side Effects of Valtrex / Zovirax

Valtrex or Zovirax is a comparatively safe drug with few Acyclovir side effects. Among the symptoms observed are included nausea, vomiting, headache, loss of appetite, stomach ache, and body swelling. While these are mild Acyclovir side effects, there are a few ones that are severe and can be dangerous. If you experience back pain, have problems urinating, feel unusually weak or bleed easily, talk to your doctor at the earliest to check possible alternatives.

Acyclovir is a very dosage specific drug and any abuse or overdose might lead to unwanted Zovirax side effects. Its dose is generally considered safe during pregnancy, though it must be taken only after due medical consultation.

Guidelines before Taking

You should consult a doctor and start taking Acyclovir as soon as possible after your symptoms first appear. The medication should be taken with plenty of water and as per the schedule created by your doctor. Any deviation might lead to a relapse of the infection. If you have a history of kidney trouble, you should let your doctor know about it as this might affect treatment with Acyclovir.

What are the common dosages of Valtrex / Zovirax?

Zovirax or Valtrex tablets are available in 400mg and 800mg dosage strengths, while capsules of Zovirax carry 200mg of Acyclovir. You should buy Acyclovir drug as per the prescription issued by your doctor and follow the dosage advised.

Difference between brand Valtrex / Zovirax and Generic Acyclovir

Generic acyclovir is a formulation that is widely used in many generic and branded medications, Valtrex and Zovirax being two of them. Each generic drug comes in a different size and colour of tablet or capsule. It is manufactured by a different pharmaceutical company and costs differently, but in the end, it delivers the same effective treatment.

Where and how to buy Valtrex / Zovirax?

You can buy generic Valtrex / Zovirax online through this website. Compare prices with other online pharmacies, gather information and then decide about where to place your purchase order.

Buying Acyclovir drug online is also preferable as most pharmacies can deliver it to your address overnight without any extra cost. All you need to do is pick out the pharmacy that is offering the cheapest discount prices.

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All medications at come directly from generic drug manufacturers. So the effective cost goes down, which allows us to put up the best prices for the medications you require.

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Zovirax Cream is an antiviral cream that helps treat cold sores caused by herpes virus infection. Its main ingredient is the antiviral drug Acyclovir, which is widely used in creating generic antiviral medications for treatment of a number of viral infections. The medicine does not cure herpes virus infection or stop it from spreading to others; it just stops the infection from growing. Zovirax is also available in pharmacies as an oral medication in tablet and pill form.