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Rabeprazole Sodium (Generic Aciphex) is used in treatment of the symptoms caused due to the excessive acid production in the stomach. The medicine is used in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease. The medication also helps to prevent the digestive system from serious damages. The drug in combination with some antibiotics is used in treating certain ulcers and infections that are caused due to bacteria.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Rabeprazole Sodium

How does Rabeprazole Sodium work?

Rabeprazole Sodium works by blocking the production of acid in stomach. The medicine belongs to the class of medicine known as proton pump inhibitor. The effect of this medicine decreases the excess acid and relieves the patient from symptoms such as heartburn, difficulty in swallowing, persistent cough, and sleeplessness.

Side Effects of Rabeprazole Sodium

There are not many side effects observed during treatment and the medication is usually well tolerated by the patients. Very rarely person taking the treatment will experience headache. Some side effects may be observed with long-term use of the medicine. These include weakness, numbness, tingling in hands or feet and sore tongue.

The allergic reactions with this medication are very unlikely but if you are having allergy to its use the symptoms such as rash, itching, swelling, difficulty in breathing and dizziness can be observed. Avoid taking alcohol and overdose of the medicine as it might have adverse side effects.

It is important before starting the treatment to tell your doctor about your medical history and any allergies to drugs that you might have observed in the past.

If you observe any such allergic reactions or side effects that are unusual immediately report it to your doctor. You can also provide the information to FDA and the drug supplier.

It is unknown if the medication passes in the breast milk consult your doctor if you are breast-feeding a baby. The pregnant women or women planning for a pregnancy should take the medication only if advised by their doctor.

Guidelines before taking Rabeprazole Sodium

The medicine is supplied in the form of tablets that can be administered orally. The tablet is taken once daily with or without food. The tablet is to be swallowed as a whole with a glass of water and must not be chewed or crushed in mouth.

What are the common dosages of Rabeprazole Sodium?

The common adult dose recommended by doctors is 20mg daily. However only a doctor can determine the correct dose and duration of treatment for individual patient. It is important to take the dosage regularly as advised in the prescription.

Difference between Brand Aciphex and Generic Rabeprazole Sodium

There is no major difference between Brand Aciphex and Generic Rabeprazole Sodium. Both of them have the same active ingredients and differ only in name and packing of the drugs. Generic Rabeprazole Sodium is available very widely in the market at very cheaper price than the branded Aciphex. The FDA approval for manufacturing the drug with brand name makes the banded drug more costly.

Where and How to buy Generic Rabeprazole Sodium?

You can buy Generic Rabeprazole Sodium online at discount price that is offered by numerous online drug stores. You can compare the prices and offers made by different online companies and order the drug. The process for buying Generic Rabeprazole Sodium online is very simple. Most of the companies will ship your order overnight and you can place the purchase order without prescription. Generic Rabeprazole Sodium is also available for sale at the physical pharmacies.

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