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Cipro is one of the better known and prescribed drugs for the treatment of serious bacterial infections. Its generic name is Ciprofloxacin, which is also the main ingredient in this medicine and a member of the class known as fluoroquinolones. It has proven highly effective in patients who have infections of the lower and upper respiratory tract, urinary tract, skin and soft tissue as well as enteric fever. Since its launch following FDA approval several years back, Cipro has grown to become one of the most popular anti-bacterial medications around. It can be purchased on prescription from your pharmacy or you can also buy generic Cipro online. For further information on this drug, which is available in tablet and oral suspension forms, please continue reading the FAQs that follow.

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Frequently asked Questions about Ciprofloxacin / Cipro

How does Cipro / Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride work?

Cipro is a synthetic broad spectrum antimicrobial agent for oral administration. As a fluoroquinolone derivative, its work is to target the DNA gyrase of the bacterial cell during DNA synthesis. This is the precursor stage for replication & growth of the bacteria, but with Cipro’s effect of binding to the DNA and inhibiting cell growth, the bacteria breaks down and is killed. This action of Ciprofloxacin can also be seen against mycoplasma and anaerobes.

Side Effects of Cipro

As with all medications and generic alternatives of this drug, there are certain Cipro side effects that can affect all patients. These include dizziness; fainting; fast heartbeat; sudden pain or swelling in joints; watery or bloody diarrhoea; confusion; pale or yellowed skin; dark coloured urine; fever; weakness; urinating less than usual or not at all; numbness, tingling, or unusual pain anywhere in your body; and red skin rash; or the first sign of any skin rash. These Cipro side effects are generally mild. However, certain dangerous side effects such as persistent headache, skin rashes, and severe allergic reactions require quick medical attention and possible dosage adjustments.

Guidelines before taking Cipro

Ciprofloxacin’s use during pregnancy should be cautious as its effects on the foetus are not clear. This antibiotic should only be taken under medical supervision and when its benefits are more than the side effects. It should not be taken by patients who have any kind of sensitivity towards fluoroquinolones or who are on tizanidine therapy. The drug also calls for caution in patients who have any form of kidney or liver disease.

What are the common dosages of Ciprofloxacin?

You can buy generic Ciprofloxacin drug in tablet form in strengths of 250mg, 500mg and 750mg and as an oral suspension in dosages of 5% (250 mg/ml) and 10% (500 mg/ml) strengths with 100 ml bottle.

Difference between Brand Cipro and Generic Ciprofloxacin

Brand Cipro is a product of Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals while generic Ciprofloxacin is manufactured by a number of pharmaceutical companies. Bayer has standardised the packaging, colour, shape, size and taste of Cipro, but these do not apply to generic versions of Ciprofloxacin. Same is the case with the prices.

Where and how to buy?

Cipro and its generic alternatives are on sale online and in pharmacies worldwide. So you can either buy generic Cipro online or buy Ciprofloxacin drug through your pharmacy. If you find branded Cipro too costly, you can compare prices of its generic alternatives online and then buy Ciprofloxacin drugs online from the cheapest provider. An online purchase is generally easier than through the local pharmacy because when you order online, the pharmacy generally provides you overnight delivery right at your doorstep.

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