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We all know that pain is not a pleasant thing. It causes physical distress. However pain is a physiological function of the human body and is important in telling us that something is wrong and needs addressing. It forces us to take appropriate action to address whatever is causing the pain in the first place. But pain can also cause psychological pain or suffering, affecting the normal day to day lives of sufferers and in turn can interfere with social aspects of people’s lives.

Most humans experience pain throughout their life. So much so that the most common reason people turn to medicine is for pain relief. It is believed that around 75% of all visits to the doctor are related to cessation of pain. So we can see it’s a very common occurrence for the human population.

Pain can have various definitions, but it can be commonly described as “an unpleasant sensation and emotional experience arising from that sensation”.

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Types of Pain

Pain can be divided into 2 specific types: - Acute pain and Chronic pain.

Acute Pain - can be as a result of a one off incident lasting from minutes to many hours or even days. The focus is to treat the cause of this pain. Once the pain clears from healing it generally does not come back. It may come from things diverse as a surgery, or an illness or an accident. Treatment in the form of appropriate painkillers will be effective in addressing the immediate results of this type pain. 

Chronic Pain - some pain may be described as ‘Chronic’ which means that the pain its continual, recurring and long lasting. Typically pain that lasts longer than 6 weeks, is called chronic pain. It starts as acute pain but continues beyond the normal time endured for acute pain. In many cases this type of chronic pain never really goes away and can stay with an individual for a long time, and in some cases, most of their lives. Arthritis would be an example of chronic pain that an individual has to endure most of their lives. In these instances, appropriate pain management can be vital for sufferers to live a normal life, limit their disability and allow them to function properly. It is believed that around 70 million Americans suffer from this type of chronic pain which equates to almost 35% of the US population.

Pain can have both physical and psychological effects on us. Examples of physical effects include but not limited to malfunctioning or various organs, muscle breakdown, increased heart rate, inability to sleep, loss of appetite, decreased gastrointestinal efficiency, loss of weight, increased water retention of the kidneys, a weakened immune system and fatigue. Some psychological effects include but not limited to depression, fear, stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, resentment, conflict, unhappiness and loss of sexual drive.

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