Orlistat (Generic Xenical)


Xenical (Orlistat) is indicated for obesity management including weight loss and weight maintenance when used in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet. It helps the body eliminate unwanted fat. Xenical is also used to reduce the risk for weight regain after prior weight loss.

Obesity has become a pandemic condition in many countries and Orlistat (Generic Xenical) is one of the best medications currently available for treatment of this condition. This drug is prescribed to millions of patients; you can also buy generic Orlistat drug at thousands of pharmacies worldwide or online. As a medicine, Xenical helps bring about excellent fat reduction when it is taken with a reduced-calorie diet. If you compare it to other obesity drugs, Orlistat and generic Xenical is much safer, which is the reason many patients prefer this pill to other ones.

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Frequently asked Questions about Orlistat (Generic Xenical)

How does Orlistat (Generic Xenical) work?

Xenical’s work is different from other obesity treatments; actually its effect is unique. It works in the stomach rather than the brain for the treatment of obesity. It sticks to enzymes known as lipases in the stomach; this bond stops fats from breaking down. The result is lesser absorption of fats and thereby good weight reduction. FDA has approved this unique treatment method, which was widely reported in news and forums online.

Side effects of Orlistat (Generic Xenical)

Xenical works in the stomach and so its most common side effect is also observed therein; this is in the form of increase bowel movements. Other Xenical side effects include symptoms of vitamin deficiency, headache, fatigue and diarrhea. Doctors ask patients to take their Xenical dosage with their meal or up to one hour after.

It is generally hard to overdose on Xenical, but the major effect of such an event would be dangerous dehydration. On the whole Xenical is a safe drug for adults and adolescents alike, though its effects during pregnancy have not been studied in detail. Pregnant women should therefore avoid this medication. In terms of dose strength, the generic alternatives of Xenical might vary from the branded version, and so you might have to check for severity of side effects too.

Guidelines before taking

The most important guideline to remember is to never take Xenical without your doctor’s advice. At the same time, you should also cut back on your fat intake. While Xenical does cut out a major portion of your fat intake, too much of fat content will not allow it to work. Last but not the least; remember to add some vitamin supplements to your diet as Xenical can cause necessary vitamins to be flushed out with fats.

What are the common dosages of Orlistat (Generic Xenical)?

The standard dosage that Xenical is available in is 120mg. This is in capsule form. However, generic versions might be in different forms.

Difference between Brand Xenical and Generic Orlistat

The difference is in the manufacturer and the manufacturing process. Branded drugs are manufactured by the company that conducted the research and received approval from FDA. Generic drugs are manufactured by smaller companies who picked up on the drug after the patent expired. However, in most cases, brand Xenical and generic Orlistat are the same in terms of their active ingredients and effects.

Where and how to buy generic Orlistat?

Generally the best option to buy Orlistat drug online; this way you can compare prices on multiple websites and then place an order with the online pharmacy that has the cheapest prices. Most online pharmacies also give overnight delivery of the drugs your purchase. While it is also available in your neighbourhood pharmacy, the benefit you get if you buy generic Xenical is that of sale or discount price.

Why is the price of generic Orlistat so cheap at Canex?

Generic drug manufacturers do not have to invest anything in research and so their overhead costs on the medicine are highly reduced. As a result they price their generic medicines on the lower side. canexdrugstore.org buys all generic medications directly from such manufacturers and passes on the difference in pricing to customers. This is the reason behind our extra low prices.