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Raloxifene (Generic Evista) is used for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in women. The drug is effective in slowing down the process of bone loss and reduces the risks of bone fractures. The medicine is also used to lower the risks of breast cancer in women after menopause.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Raloxifene

How does Raloxifene work?

The medication works by acting like a selective estrogen receptor modulator in the body. The effect of the drug helps to preserve the bone mass and keeps them stronger for longer period after menopause in women. It is not recommended for use before menopause.

Side Effects of Raloxifene

The prescription is not advised to he patients who have a history of blood clots or have increased chances of having strokes. Use of medicine for such patients can prove very dangerous.

The side effects in patients taking the tablets include sweating, hot flashes or leg cramps. The symptoms, which could prove very serous and must not be neglected, include chest pain, blurred vision, troubled breathing, headache, weakness, confusion and swellings.

The allergic reactions with the use of pills of Raloxifene are very rare but if you observe symptoms like rash, itching, swelling or troubled breathing you must seek medical help. The overdose of the medicine can cause serious effects, as there is risk of strokes with the use of medicine.

This preparation is for adult use and must not be used by children. The drug is not recommended for use of a pregnant women or women planning for a pregnancy. The drug is excreted in the breast milk and breast-feeding is not recommended during the treatment.

Guidelines before taking Raloxifene

The medication can be taken with food or on empty stomach once a day. To get maximum benefit it is important to take the tablets regularly and at the same time. It is more effective if supplemented with intake of adequate amount of calcium and vitamin D in the diet.

What are the common dosages of Raloxifene?

The recommended dose is single tablet of strength 60mg to be taken daily or as advised by the doctor. The dosage for individual patient may vary and it is important to take the advise of doctor before starting to take the pills.

Difference between Brand Evista and Generic Raloxifene

Brand Evista and Generic Raloxifene differ only in the shape, size, color and packing in which these drugs are sold in the market. There is no difference between the active components of the drug and they have same effect on the symptoms of the disease. The other major difference is in the cost of generic and branded drugs. The FDA approved Brand Evista are more costly than its generic counterpart.

Where and How to buy Generic Raloxifene?

You can buy Generic Raloxifene online or from any physical pharmacy. You can compare the costs and discount prices offered by many online stores and order the drug for the cheapest price. The process of buying Generic Raloxifene online is very simple and can be completed without any prescription. Once the process is completed most of the online pharmacies offer to ship the medication overnight.

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